Control System

The persons authorised to check the compliance with the liabilities of Vehicle Operators and/or Vehicle Drivers according to the Act No. 474/2013 Coll. on toll collection for the use of specified road sections and on amendments and supplements to certain laws as amended are the persons authorised for checks according to the Section 25 Subsection 2 of the stated law in cooperation with the bodies of the Police Corps of the Slovak Republic within the framework of supervising the road traffic fluency and safety.

The checks are provided for on the whole territory of the Slovak Republic by means of the mobile units of the Toll Police on a non-stop basis 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

In a Toll Police vehicle there is a mixed patrol consisting of the member of the Toll Police of the Police Corps and the toll clerk – System Operator´s (SkyToll´s) employee liable for the service of information systems and technical detection equipment of the Toll Police vehicle. The check is done dynamically during the vehicle´s journey or statically in parking places.

The dynamic check is represented by searching for and stopping the vehicles in respect to which there is a suspicion recorded based on the information from the Central Information System and from the system for the toll collection checking operated by the System Operator about committing a toll offence, the so-called toll incident. In addition to targeted search the mobile units of the Toll Police also do random checks of the vehicles liable to pay the toll.

At the static check by means of special technical means they check the vehicles parked. The system of toll collection checking consists in addition to the mobile units of the Toll Police also of the network of fixed and portable road-side checking gates providing for automated data collection and the selection of vehicles suspicious of committing a toll offence.


Return of the On-Board Unit

The procedure for returning the OBU on time and without complications, or exposure to contractual penalties.


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