The following includes the current list and detailed information about the network of customer sites – especially petrol stations in the Slovak Republic, self-service devices located at Slovak Republic border crossings and Contact Points in the regional cities.

The scope of services they provide is specified in the relevant provisions of the General Business Terms and Conditions of the Toll Collection Administrator, which are available in the Documents for download section.


Name Operator Location Type
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Bánovce nad Bebravou Slovnaft Bánovce nad Bebravou Distribution points
Banská Bystrica, Business center SkyToll, a.s. Banská Bystrica Contact points
Banská Bystrica - Jakub Slovnaft Banská Bystrica Distribution points
Banská Bystrica – Partizánska Slovnaft Banská Bystrica Distribution points
Bardejov - Duklianska, Kúpeľná, Kpt. Nálepku Slovnaft Bardejov Distribution points
Bratislava, Biskupice 1 Slovnaft Bratislava - Podunajské Biskupice Distribution points
Bratislava - DČS Lamač ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia s. r. o. Bratislava Distribution points
Bratislava, DČS Zlaté piesky Slovnaft Bratislava Distribution points
Bratislava - Jarovce 1 OMV Jarovce
Bratislava-Jarovce - Kittsee (A) SkyToll, a.s. Jarovce Border distribution points
Bratislava Lamač 1 OMV Bratislava Distribution points
Bratislava, Studená 5 SkyToll, a.s. Bratislava Contact points
Bratislava, Zlaté piesky OMV Bratislava Distribution points
Brezno pod Baniskom Slovnaft Brezno Distribution points
Brodské-Břeclav (CZ) SkyToll, a.s. Kúty Border distribution points
Čadca - Slovanská OMV Čadca Distribution points
Čirč-Ľubotín (PL) SkyToll, a.s. Čirč Border distribution points
Čoltovo OMV Čoltovo Distribution points
ČS Hoffer, Nová stráž (HU) HOFFER, s.r.o. Komárno Border distribution points
Čunovo-Rajka (HU) SkyToll, a.s. Bratislava Border distribution points
Detva - sídlisko Slovnaft Detva Distribution points
Dolná Streda OMV Dolná Streda Distribution points
Dolná Streda Slovnaft Dolná Streda Distribution points
Drietoma-Starý Hrozenkov (CZ) SkyToll, a.s. Drietoma Border distribution points
Dubnica nad Váhom Slovnaft Dubnica nad Váhom Distribution points
Dunajská Streda - Komárňanská Slovnaft Dunajská Streda Distribution points
Hanušovce nad Topľou Slovnaft Hanušovce nad Topľou Distribution points
Hlohovec – Šulekovo Slovnaft Hlohovec – Šulekovo Distribution points
Holíč Slovnaft Holíč Distribution points
Horné Srnie-Brumov (CZ) SkyToll, a.s. Horné Srnie Border distribution points
Hrádok nad Váhom, D1 smer Bratislava OMV Hrádok nad Váhom
Hybe – Juh OMV Hybe Distribution points
Hybe – Sever OMV Hybe Distribution points
Ivachnová Slovnaft Ivachnová Distribution points
Komárno - Novozámocká Slovnaft Komárno Distribution points
Košice SkyToll, a.s. Košice Contact points
Košice - Barca Slovnaft Košice-Barca Distribution points
Košice - Barca - OMV OMV Košice-Barca Distribution points
Košice - Šaca Slovnaft Košice Distribution points
Kráľ (HU) SkyToll, a.s. Abovce Border distribution points