On-Board Unit assembly by means of a cigarette lighter socket

If the Contract on the Provision of the On-Board Unit is made under the Prepaid Toll mode, the On-Board Unit is issued along with the accessories for installation into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle.

The On-Board Unit must be installed on the internal side of the windscreen, in its bottom part between the steering post and the vehicle centre. It cannot be covered by windscreen wipers in a parking position or by other items (e.g., stickers) and must not limit the Driver’s visual field when driving. The wipers must be located in a parked position under the designation visible on the holder. The On-Board Unit may not be fitted in the area of glove boxes or moving parts, e.g., airbag covers. The vehicle's defroster jets must not be limited. The selected installation point must offer sufficient free space for trouble-free installation and service of the On-Board Unit.

After fitting the On-Board Unit onto the windscreen, you can fix the connecting cable into the cigarette lighter socket. If needed, you can fix the connecting cable using adhesive tape.

It is possible to use an external active aerial, which can be purchased as an accessory at Contact Points.

The Vehicle Operator and/or Driver is responsible for correct installation and placing of the On-Board Unit and any accessories inside the Vehicle, as well as for the correct setting of the On-Board Unit, i.e., for setting the correct data about the number of axles into the On-Board Unit.