A Distribution Point is a location that provides customer services and where, among other things, the Contract on the Use of Specified Road Sections and the Contract on the Provision of the On-Board Units under the Prepaid Mode can be concluded. At Distribution Points a customer cannot conclude the Contract for the Use of Specified Road Sections and the Contract on the Provision of the On-Board Unit under the Postpaid Mode.

More than 90 Distribution Points are located at selected petrol stations and border crossings. Distribution Points provide the following services:

  • Registration;
  • Signing Contracts on the Use of Specified Road Sections under the Prepaid Toll mode;
  • Signing Contracts on the Provision of the On-Board Unit;
  • On-Board Unit provision;
  • Receipt of a deposit, i.e., securing a liability to return an undamaged OBU and its accessories;
  • Replacement of a damaged and non-functioning OBU by a functioning one, including the receipt of a potential additional payment for the OBU if the OBU damage is caused by a Vehicle Operator or Driver;
  • Taking back the On-Board Unit, including the receipt of application for refunding the deposit for the On-Board Unit to the customer, if the claim is assumed, i.e., there are no arrears recorded and the On-Board Unit is returned non-damaged and fully functioning;
  • Receipt of prepaid toll (credit);
  • Refunding of unused prepaid toll;
  • Receipt of supplementary toll;
  • Providing a statement of toll transactions in hard copy or electronic form;
  • Advisory on Electronic Toll Collection;
  • Receipt of reports on technical problems;
  • Receipt and solving of complaints, claims and suggestions.

Detailed information and a review of the customer points can be found in the List of Customer Points section, or you can find them on the Map of the Specified Road Sections.

All other details about business and communication channels and the scope of services they provide are specified in the relevant provisions of the General Business Terms and Conditions of the Vignette Payment Collection Administrator, which is available in the Documents for download section.

Distribution points