The persons authorised to check compliance with the liabilities of Vehicle Operators and/or Vehicle Drivers according to Act No. 474/2013 Coll. on Toll Collection for the Use of Specified Road Sections and on amending and supplementing certain acts as amended are the persons authorised to enforce according to Section 25(2) of the stated law in cooperation with the bodies of the Police Corps of the Slovak Republic within the framework of supervising road traffic fluency and safety.

The persons authorised to enforce according to Section 25(2) of the Toll Collection Act include:

a) Employees of the Toll Collection Administrator.
b) Employees of the entity authorised by the Toll Collection Administrator to perform the activities according to Section 12(2) of the Toll Collection Act.


The person authorized to carry out the enforcement shall prove his/her identity at the location of performance of the enforcement by an ID card issued by the Ministry. Besides the holder’s photograph, the ID card shall contain the identification data in the extent of name and surname.

Enforcement is provided for the whole territory of the Slovak Republic by means of the mobile units of the Toll Police on a non-stop basis 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

In a Toll Police vehicle there is a mixed patrol consisting of a member of the Toll Police of the Police Corps and a toll officer – System Operator’s (SkyToll´s) employee liable for the operation of information systems and technical detection equipment of the Toll Police vehicle. Enforcement is performed dynamically during the vehicle´s journey or statically at parking areas.


Dynamic enforcement consists of searching for and stopping vehicles in respect to which there is a suspicion recorded based on information from the Central Information System and from the system for toll collection enforcement operated by the System Operator about committing a toll offence. In addition to targeted searches, the mobile units of the Toll Police also do random checks of vehicles liable to pay the toll.

With a static check, using special technical means they check the vehicles parked. The system of toll collection checking consists of, in addition to the mobile units of the Toll Police, the network of fixed and portable roadside checking gates providing for automated data collection and the selection of vehicles suspected of committing a toll offence.


The Toll Police vehicles are equipped with similar enforcement technical devices as the control gantries. They are used for non-stop 24-hour mobile enforcement of vehicles liable to pay the toll at various points of Specified Road Sections. In addition to this control, the Toll Police also pursues specific vehicles based on documents from the central surveillance office. The Toll Police is entitled to sanction the vehicles in respect to which the toll liability violation is found with significant financial penalties – a fine either directly on the spot in terms of fine-administration proceedings or administrative proceedings at the appropriate Traffic Office.

In addition to a financial fine, if serious violations are found they may prevent the driver from continuing their journey. The Toll Police´s work also includes preventive controls by means of state-of-the-art technology, which can check not only any vehicle driving in the Specified Road Section during a journey but also the vehicles parked at parking areas and petrol stations.

By complying with all the rules and regulations, no Vehicle Driver or Vehicle Operator liable to pay the toll shall have to worry about problems or sanctions and may use all the motorways, expressways and specified roads of lower categories in the Slovak Republic without any restrictions or problems.