The web portal provides the following customer services for Vehicle Operators and/or Vehicle Drivers in connection with the Contract on the Use of Specified Road Sections:

  • Sending of registration data for registering with the electronic toll collection system;
  • Statement of toll transactions on the screen in the form of printing or a file for download;
  • Sending reports on technical issues;
  • Sending claims, complaints and suggestions, as well as information on the status of their handling;
  • Providing information on settlement details;
  • Producing duplicates of accounting documents;
  • General information and documents for download necessary for the registration and operation of a vehicle within the electronic toll system.

You can also use the customer zone for credit top-ups and checking balances, invoices and payments. You will get access to all of these services after registering a vehicle with the electronic toll system.

Detailed information about the procedure for submitting applications for registering a vehicle is available in the Customer services section, subsection Registration of vehicles and required documents.

If you need advice on how to use the customer zone, contact the Customer Service Line or download the User manual of the customer zone.

Access to customer zone


All other details about business and communication channels and the scope of services they provide are specified in the relevant provisions of the General Business Terms and Conditions of the Vignette Payment Collection Administrator, which is available in the Documents for download section.