The On-Board Unit is the property of the System Operator, which provides it to the Vehicle Operator based on the Contract on the Provision of the On-Board Unit and in compliance with Act No. 25/2007 Coll. on Electronic Toll Collection in its valid wording, Toll Order and General Business Terms and Conditions of the System Operator. The Vehicle Operator is obliged to use only the On-Board Unit and accessories provided to them by the System Operator.

After signing the Contract on the Provision of the On-Board Unit, the System Operator will issue the On-Board Unit including its accessories to the Vehicle Operator or their authorised representative in person at the Customer Point or by means of a courier; the service is charged according to the current Tariff of Fees. More detailed information is provided by the Customer Service Line or Contact Points staff.

Under the Prepaid Toll mode the On-Board Unit may be taken over and returned by the Vehicle Driver too.

Basic obligations of the Driver in respect to the On-Board Unit:

  • Checking the correct setting and functioning of the On-Board Unit before, during and at the end of a journey;
  • Protecting and correctly using the On-Board Unit;
  • Informing the System Operator without any delay about the data needed for correct Toll calculation, if the Vehicle Operator or Vehicle Driver finds any error with the On-Board Unit setting in the course of a journey;
  • Complying with safety instructions stated in the Service Manual;
  • Returning the On-Board Unit and its accessories to the System Operator in a functioning and non-damaged state without any unreasonable delay if the Vehicle Operator’s right to use the On-Board Unit expired.