The following includes the current list and detailed information about the network of customer sites – especially petrol stations in the Slovak Republic, self-service devices located at Slovak Republic border crossings and Contact Points in the regional cities.

The scope of services they provide is specified in the relevant provisions of the General Business Terms and Conditions of the Toll Collection Administrator, which are available in the Documents for download section.


Name Operator Location Type
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Sekule I. Slovnaft Sekule Distribution points
Senica Slovnaft Senica Distribution points
Šiatorská Bukovinka (HU) SkyToll, a.s. Šiatorská Bukovinka Border distribution points
Skalica, Slovnaft Slovnaft Skalica Distribution points
Skalité D3 (PL) SkyToll, a.s. Skalité Border distribution points
Skalité-Zwardoň (PL) SkyToll, a.s. Skalité Border distribution points
Sládkovičovo Slovnaft Sládkovičovo Distribution points
Slovenské Ďarmoty Slovnaft Slovenské Ďarmoty Distribution points
Slovenské Nové Mesto OMV Slovenské Nové Mesto Distribution points
Spišská Belá OMV Spišská Belá Distribution points
Stará Ľubovňa - Popradská Slovnaft Stará Ľubovňa Distribution points
Stropkov Slovnaft Stropkov Distribution points
Štúrovo - Železničný rad (bývalá MOL) Slovnaft Štúrovo Distribution points
Svidník Slovnaft Svidník Distribution points
Svrčinovec-Mosty u Jablunkova (CZ) SkyToll, a.s. Čadca Border distribution points
Tekovské Nemce, R1 smer NR OMV Tekovské Nemce
Tekovské Nemce, R1 smer ZV OMV Tekovské Nemce
Topoľčany - Nitrianska/Stummerova Slovnaft Topoľčany Distribution points
Trebišov - Hlavná Slovnaft Trebišov Distribution points
Trenčín, areál OLD HEROLD SkyToll, a.s. Trenčín Contact points
Trenčín-Záblatie Slovnaft Trenčín – Záblatie Distribution points
Trenčín – Zamarovce Slovnaft Trenčín Distribution points
Trnava, Bratislavská Slovnaft Trnava Distribution points
Trnava - Bučianska Slovnaft Trnava Distribution points
Trnava, TANKER Truckcentrum SkyToll, a.s. Trnava Contact points
Trstená Slovnaft Trstená Distribution points
Trstená (PL) SkyToll, a.s. Trstená Border distribution points
Turčianske Teplice - Dolná štubňa Slovnaft Turčianske Teplice Distribution points
Veľký Meder, Bratislavská Slovnaft Veľký Meder Distribution points
Vranov nad Topľou - Čemerné Slovnaft Vranov nad Topľou Distribution points
Vyšné Nemecké-Užhorod (UA) SkyToll, a.s. Sobrance/Krčava Border distribution points
Vyšný Komárnik-Barwinek (PL) SkyToll, a.s. Svidník/Vyšný Komárnik Border distribution points
Vyšný Kubín Slovnaft Dolný Kubín Distribution points
Zamarovce OMV Trenčín Distribution points
Ždiar-Strednica (PL) SkyToll, a.s. Ždiar - Strednica Border distribution points
Zeleneč OMV Zeleneč Distribution points
Zeleneč I. Slovnaft Zeleneč Distribution points
Želiezovce, Slovnaft Slovnaft Levice Distribution points
Žiar nad Hronom ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia s. r. o. Žiar nad Hronom Distribution points
Žilina - Kragujevská Slovnaft Žilina Distribution points