The following includes the current list and detailed information about the network of customer sites – especially petrol stations in the Slovak Republic, self-service devices located at Slovak Republic border crossings and Contact Points in the regional cities.

The scope of services they provide is specified in the relevant provisions of the General Business Terms and Conditions of the Toll Collection Administrator, which are available in the Documents for download section.


Name Operator Location Type
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Banská Bystrica, Business center Česmad Banská Bystrica Contact points
Bratislava, Studená 5 Česmad Bratislava Contact points
Nitra Česmad Nitra Contact points
SAD Prešov Česmad Prešov Contact points
Trenčín, areál OLD HEROLD Česmad Trenčín Contact points
Trnava, Truck Centrum Česmad Trnava Contact points
UND-03 a.s., Košice Česmad Košice Contact points
Žilina Česmad Žilina Contact points