• Region
    Banská Bystrica (region)
  • Location
    Šiatorská Bukovinka
  • Address
    E71 985 58 Šiatorská Bukovinka
  • Opening hours
  • ID
  • Operator
    SkyToll, a.s.
  • GPS

    48°10'9.72" N 19°49'18.95" E
    ( 48.169367 19.821931)

  • Number of parking spaces

Border distribution points

Border Distribution Points provide the following services:

  • registration,
  • signing Contracts on the Use of Specified Road Sections under the Prepaid Toll Regime,
  • signing Contracts on the Provision of the On-Board,
  • On-Board Unit provision,
  • receipt of a deposit i.e. securing a liability to return an undamaged OBU and its accessories 
  • replacement of a damaged and non-functioning OBU by a functioning one including the receipt of a potential additional payment for the OBU if the OBU damage is caused by a vehicle operator or by a driver,
  • taking back the On-Board Unit including the receipt of application for refunding the deposit for the On-Board Unit to the customer if the claim is assumed i.e. there are no arrears recorded and the On-Board Unit is returned non-damaged and fully functioning
  • receipt of prepaid toll (credit),
  • refunding of unused prepaid toll,
  • receipt of supplementary toll,
  • providing the statement of toll transactions in hardcopy or electronic form,
  • advisory on Electronic Toll Collection,
  • receipt of reports on technical problems,
  • receipt and solving of complaints, claims and suggestions.