The toll calculator on the web portal is exclusively designed for an informative calculation of the toll amount. For an informative calculation you must enter the vehicle category and emission class and the expected distance travelled on the Specified Road Sections (Distance), or enter the vehicle category and emission class and the start and end of the planned route travelled (Route).

The method and possibilities of calculating the informative toll amount are provided in the User´s manual for toll calculator.

Emission class
Add the transit point

The amount of toll for the use of specified road sections determined in the Decree of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic No. 228/2020 Coll. specifying the sections of highways, expressways, 1st class roads and 2nd class roads with the electronic toll collection as amended, which is calculated using the toll calculator, is informative only.

The calculation does not reflect discounts from toll rates for kilometres travelled on the Specified Road Sections exceeding the limits determined. Information about discounts from toll rates is available in the Toll Rates and System of Discounts from Toll Rates section.