14. 10. 2016 |
Press Release

Bratislava, 15 October 2016 – As of 15 October 2016 Decree of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic No. 268/2016 Coll. introduces a new list of specified road sections with the electronic toll collection.

As of 15 October a new specified road section shall be added to the R2 expressway on Bánovce n./Bebravou bypass Ruskovce - Pravotice with a length of 9.75 kilometres. Two new sections will also be added to the first class road I/77 on the new bypass of Bardejov. Other 4 defined sections shall be added to the network of specified sections of the 1st class road I/49 near Púchov. On the D1 motorway between Košice and Prešov 2 new specified sections shall be created by dividing 1 existing specified road section. 1 specified road section will be divided into 2 also near Tornaľa on the expressway R2. On the other hand, 2 specified road sections shall be connected into 1 on the R1 expressway near Žarnovica. As a result of the renumbering of 1st class roads the validity of 469 specified road sections of 1st class roads shall be terminated. At the same time 477 new specified road sections shall be created. In addition, the validity of 185 specified road sections of 3rd class roads and 2 sections of 2nd class road shall expire. Since 15 October 275 specified road sections shall have various parameters modified as of 15 October. The length of 133 sections shall be changed, furthermore a position of the start and/or end, or be reclassified, e.g. from 1st class non-parallel roads to parallel roads.

After all the modifications, including those that do not affect the amount of toll payment (toll sections with zero-rate), the number of specified road sections shall be reduced from 4,309 to 4,134 and the length of the network of specified road sections shall fall by 242.38 km to 17,559.28 km.