30. 06. 2017 |
Press Release

As of 1 July there will be 7 new specified road sections. On the D3 motorway it will be 1 new specified section D03-006: Svrčinovec-Skalité. Similarly, there will be an additional 1 specified section on the R2 expressway, namely R02-022: Zvolenská Slatina - Pstruša. Another specified section will be formed by merging 2 already existing sections on the 1st class road I/59 in Oravský Podzámok. In Svrčinovec there will be 4 new specified sections on the 1st class road I/11.
On the opposite, the validity of 5 specified sections will expire. On the 1st class road I/59, 2 specified sections in a non-built-up area will become 1 section in a built-up area. Another non-built-up area specified section in Žilina will be incorporated into the built-up area on the 1st class road I/18 and 2 existing sections (1 non-built-up and 1 built-up) on the road I/11 in Svrčinovec will be merged into 1 built-up area specified section.
As of 1 July as many as 21 specified road sections will have various parameters modified. The category will change in case of 9 sections. The specified sections of 1st class roads that are not parallel will become specified road sections parallel to motorways and expressways. 12 specified sections will have a different length, 13 sections will have a different start and/or end positions.

After all the modifications, including those that do not affect the amount of toll payment (toll sections charged with zero-rate), the number of specified road sections will increase by 2 to 4,136. The length of the network of the specified road sections will increase from 17,559.3 km to 17,611.2 km.